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Andy Thompson Construction specializes in charming and luxurious homes.

    Andy began his career in the construction industry over 20 years ago. As a framer, he quickly learned the trade and wanted more. He sought out apprenticeships and learning opportunities for welding, masonry, plumbing, site development, roofing, etc. He even became a certified horticulturist, all because he wanted to know everything there was about construction.

    Now, Andy runs Andy Thompson Construction as a master contractor and builder. Andy has established relationships with the best subcontractors in the area, which allows him to provide not only quality but cost effectiveness as well. He is a hands-on owner and is on-site daily to ensure the work is up to his high standards. 

If cookie-cutter homes are not your style, Andy would love to discuss your hopes and dreams. Text, call, fax, Facebook message, or contact Andy through this website anytime. 

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